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Split Reef’s App Performance Optimization Services

Your mobile or web application that already exists was a fantastic step. You have given you and your business a brand new way to connect with your customers – both existing and brand new – in an engaging manner that will keep users invested, informed, and in touch with you. But what happens if your application fails to perform as it should be? Imagine your users loading up your app and they are met with exceedingly slow load times, graphics and images that are not visible, and other performance issues that make for a poor user experience. If you are receiving reports or complaints of these types of issues, it is time to consider app performance optimization services. App performance optimization services will ensure that your application is in peak working form – with app cleanup performed and maximizing your app’s overall potential.


Why You Need to Utilize Our App Performance Optimization Services

In a world where there are more than 8.9 million mobile applications as of 2020, there has never been a better or more critical time to invest in web app and mobile app performance optimization services. Applications across all platforms, including iOS, Android, React Native, and Flutter, serve as crucial ways for businesses, organizations, and agencies to connect directly with their target audiences. Whether you are in the commercial food industry, hospitality industry, or online retail space, your application puts you in direct contact with your users – allowing you to connect with them at any time.

Ensuring that your application is fully optimized for the best performance it can offer will go a long way to giving your users a fantastic experience. A standout user experience is a key way to help your app stand out among the very large crowd – across both mobile and web applications.

Mobile and web app performance optimization services are a critical way to ensure that your application is functioning as best as it can be. Here at Split Reef, our app performance optimization services involve our team of experts taking a close look at your application. We will review all aspects of the application, from the overall structure and operation to the finer details, for a full understanding of what areas need improvement. Our app performance optimization is all about working to optimize the way your applications work and run. These services all center around improving things such as:

  • Overall speed of operation
  • User experience
  • Addressing any application issues
  • Identifying issues that are SEO-related or tied to the user experience
  • Page load speed, including the loading time of images, video, and text
Split Reef’s Technologies

Types of Performance Optimization Services That We Offers

Our team handles everything from iOS app performance optimization and React Native performance optimization to database performance optimization and improving Flutter app performance. The variety of app performance optimization services we provide is centered around providing your users the best possible experience when they download your application.

We want to ensure that your app’s functionality is what it needs to be to set you apart on the global application market.

How do we do that? Through our full suite of performance optimization services.

Android App Performance Optimization

Android stands as the primary competitor to Apple. With 2.87 million apps available for download on the Google Play Store (as of November 2023), Android applications are a popular choice for mobile users. And with Android being one of the top mobile application operating systems globally, it is important to ensure that your app is working as it should be, no matter the industry your app is centered on.

Split Reef works to optimize Android app performance by:


Our team will optimize your Android app by switching certain items from virtual to static. This helps to increase the overall speed of your application without sacrificing any of the quality.

Manage Memory

Random-access memory (RAM) is a key resource in any kind of application. Split Reef will take a close look at how your Android developed application is allocating memory and see just how much memory it really needs. We will help your app avoid memory churn and remove memory heavy resources.

Splash Screen

Splash screens play a major role in the overall design and function of an app upon startup. With recent Android developments, splash screens in Android 12 and later are specifically designed to help improve application performance. They also maintain their customizability to help match your unique brand identity.

Connect with a Team of Professional Developers for Web App Performance Optimization

Split Reef’s performance optimization services help to set your applications up for long-term success. Your app performing fully optimized allows your business and brand to look and feel optimized to your users. To get started on optimizing your application, reach out today!

Our Application Performance Optimization Process

At Split Reef, our team of experts is here to perform careful app performance optimization from start to finish.


Application Analysis

We cannot address your application’s performance issues without first understanding what is happening internally. An analysis of your application will provide us with crucial information that will allow us to determine what issues we need to address.


Identify the Issue

Our team of experienced experts will take the thorough application analysis we perform and identify all performance issues in your application. Identifying performance issues allows us to provide you with a full report.


Discussion and Planning

Once we have total insight into the performance issues your application is facing, we can open up a discussion with you. This gives us space to help you understand what steps we need to take during the mobile and web app performance optimization process.


Take Action

As a leading digital development and web design company, Split Reef is ready to take on the task of optimizing your application’s performance. We will clean up your app and maximize its performance potential across the board.

Work with Split Reef for All of Your App Performance Optimization Needs

When it comes to providing your users with a seamless and high quality mobile or web application experience, ensuring that your application is performing the best that it can be is extremely important. An application, across any operating system or type of app, should be performing at an optimized level at all times.

This helps to deliver the best possible user experience to any of your application users, ensuring that they want to continue using your application and employ your business’ services or products. By employing our app performance optimization services, from database performance optimization to iOS and Android services, you are giving your application the best possible chance for success.

Here at Split Reef, we are a dedicated, professional web design company that is here to provide you with a full suite of design services – including mobile and web app performance optimization services. With offices based in both Columbus, Ohio, and Jacksonville, Florida, our team of dedicated professionals is fully dedicated to providing you with app performance optimization that will provide your users a fully optimized user experience.

If you are looking to offer your users an optimized experience, on any platform, that keeps them coming back and spreading the word about your application, partner with our team here at Split Reef. With Split Reef, you can be rest assured that you are putting your web or mobile app performance optimization into the most capable hands around. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help you fulfill your application needs online or over the phone.

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