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Your idea for a new mobile application is pretty good, isn’t it? Well, it’s not going to pick up any traction if it isn’t marketed effectively before its release. Split Reef’s mobile app marketing services gives your app the pre-launch boost it needs to reach its full popularity potential.


Mobile App Marketing Services

What is
Mobile App Marketing?

Mobile app marketing is the use of mobile devices to push and advertise applications before launch. Effective mobile app marketing services engage customers from the first step of development, turning them into loyal and regular users. Anything from in-app advertisements to digital newsletter inserts sent straight to a potential user’s email can be included in services from a mobile app marketing agency.

How to Impress

Mobile Marketing Features

Market Research

If your mobile app is a new way for parents to track their children’s phone usage, then your marketing is wasted on targeting 13- to 18-year-olds. Split Reef uses industry-leading market research specialists to determine where your marketing efforts are best spent, pinpointing your target demographic and streamlining resources.

Dedicated Resources

Don’t force a task like mobile app marketing on one of your inexperienced departments. If your organization doesn’t deal in marketing on a daily basis, then hiring a dedicated mobile app marketing agency like Split Reef will be a better use of your resources. We take the responsibility of ensuring your new mobile app is marketed effectively and correctly.

Focus on Usability

It’s not about the cool graphics or the new concept. It’s about the usability. Showing how easy it can be to use your app is one of the most effective ways to attract loyal users. Advertising your app and highlighting its awesome features is our job as a mobile app marketing agency — and we do it well.

How We Market Your App

Split Reef combines the tried-and-true mobile app marketing services with trend-setting tactics to deliver a comprehensive suite of marketing services tailored to your business and mobile application’s specific needs. Not every app is the same, which is why we customize and build your marketing services to fit your goals.

Before Launch

The second we have your idea locked down and in development, we begin planning your mobile app marketing approach. The time before launch is the most important, and there’s no time to waste in getting your mobile app out there, even before it’s on the app stores.


Testing, testing, testing. In the beta stages of mobile application development, certain users are invited to try your app and given the opportunity to provide valuable feedback before the full-scale release. With this feedback, we tweak our mobile app marketing services and development to launch a top-notch product for you.

Application Blogs

Blogging and content writing is a cornerstone of SEO marketing, and it fits in well with new mobile app marketing services. Having content ready to go for when you launch the application will mean users spend more time on your app, giving you better metrics.

Define Purpose

What’s the reason for your new app? Are you filling a need that mobile users have? We carefully construct a clear and concise purpose for your app as a mobile app marketing agency that covers all the bases before launch.


Bring in users before your app is even done to increase anticipation and excitement for the launch. If you’re extending your digital brand from a web app to a mobile app, engaging with your existing customers will help increase downloads and usage of the application at launch.

Press Kits

Take advantage of your existing newsletter subscribers. Better yet, use our contacts to reach out to media outlets before the launch of your new app.


What are your customers already saying about you? Perhaps they’re already asking for a mobile app from your company to help them track payments, use services, or chat with your customer service reps. Using reviews on Google Business or even social media channels will bring the hype that your app needs for success.

Connecting Users

Bringing your users together generates interest for your new mobile app. Once people start talking about it, it’ll start trending, then the downloads to mobile devices follow. We achieve this through our robust and intuitive mobile app marketing services.

Give your app the limelight it deserves.

The time before a release is one of the most important times for your mobile application. Don’t let your application fall flat on its face before it gets a chance to shine. Let us raise the hype to launch it to the top of its success.

Google Analytics for Mobile:
Firebase SDK

Split Reef tracks your mobile application’s success after launch through Google Analytics’ new and more intuitive app reporting program, Firebase SDK. We’ll prepare and present reports about in-app revenue, usage, and time spent in the app. With these metrics, our mobile app marketing agency begins shifting our strategies to leverage your success for further growth.

Four Steps in App Marketing Cycle


Through tracking and analyzing marketing metrics, we compile a robust and effective marketing plan to better serve your mobile app and generate the interest needed for a successful launch.

Marketing Planning

Press kits, newsletters, feedback and more. This is all part of Split Reef’s mobile app marketing services that we carefully plan. We build your services to fit your mobile app’s purpose and meet your business goals.


Once our plan is in place, we begin executing our mobile app marketing strategies. From beta testing to reviews to application blogs, our implementation is precise and effective.


Whether it’s from you or from your customers, we shift our tactics in response to feedback from analytics and reviews to bring success through intuitive mobile app marketing strategies.

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