Corporate Brand Identity Design Services

Corporate Brand Identity Design Services

A company’s brand identity is a unique package of trademarks, color palettes, themes and graphic images that encapsulate the essence of the organization. Logos, slogans, and colors are all part of corporate brand identity design packages that make a company stand out from the rest of their competitors. Split Reef is a corporate brand identity design services agency for startups or small business in Columbus, OH and Jacksonville, FL.


What is Brand Identity Design Services

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Brand Identity Design Services

An important part of brand identity design services is marketability. A product, person or organization needs a defined and cohesive brand strategy in order to let loose on social media and other communication channels. Through advertisements, posts, and web design, the brand identity needs to be the same in order to be effective.

At Split Reef, our brand identity design experts work closely with companies to offer corporate identity design services through which we build and create beautiful and effective brand identities. As part of our brand identity design services, companies receive a full suite of design and graphic images for advertisement and branding uses. Work with us, and we’ll help you discover what your company is all about.

Three Components of Brand Identity Design Services

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Brand Culture

Your brand culture is one of the most important parts of your corporate branding package. Without showcasing your employees and your mission statement, how will you be able to set yourself apart from the crown? Your company’s inherent brand culture is a mix of your employees and your work, with a sprinkle of brand promises on top. Think about successful brands and how they offer guaranteed results and product satisfaction; that’s what you’ll get with Split Reef’s brand identity design services.

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Position in Market

We carefully consider your consumers when taking on your corporate brand identity package project. What do your customers say about your brand or product already? When you have an established name in your industry, this can be easy. But if you don’t, it’ll help to have a branding expert like Split Reef on your side to help determine your market position and leverage that position for better branding and recognition in Columbus, OH and Jacksonville, FL.

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Visual Components

In a corporate brand identity design package, it’s all about visuals. A logo, picture, or advertisement should invoke an emotional response from consumers and establish a mental image that they connect to your company. Fonts, design, colors, texture and other graphic design tactics are used to tie in your brand identity design services to create a cohesive and comprehensive corporate identity design package that makes sense for you and your industry.

Discover who you truly are.

No more need for identity crises. Your company can show its brand off with comprehensive brand packaging that fits with your mission and values. Don’t be afraid to show off who you really are.

Our Brand Identity Design Process

Split Reef uses marketing industry-leading guidelines to help us help you in determining your brand and establishing customer brand awareness. In our corporate identity design services, we provide a comprehensive full-suite set of services that ensure you’re ready to launch your new company or reveal your brand-new identity to your loyal customers.

Define Target Customer

Similar to defining a demographic, defining a target customer in corporate identity design services is crucial to the end result. We use market research specialists to figure out who is most likely to buy your product or services and link them through common behaviors and characteristics.

Clarify Value Proposition

This is where we help you carefully craft a promise to your customers. Whether they should expect friendly, neighborly service or a behemoth of products that will make their lives easier from you, this is where you tell them what they’re getting when they sign on with or buy from your company.

Design Logo

One of the most important parts of a corporate identity design package. Your logo is a visual cue for your customers to mentally relate your logo with your services. It must be clean, clear, and concise to get the results you’re looking for in brand identity design services.

Select Brand Fonts

Times New Roman and Arial just don’t cut it anymore when it comes to fonts. You can pay a font library services for the full rights of a font, but you might not get what you’re paying for. With Split Reef, we bolster your brand identity with fonts and typefaces that are comprehensive and fit in with your overall brand.

Brand Style Guide

We won’t shove a new corporate identity design package in your lap and call it a day. Split Reef provides a style guide to all brand identity design service customers to help inform their designs and stick to the new branding we created.

What Split Reef Does for Your
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You won’t be forgotten in the minds of your target audience, it’s as simple as that. We make sure you stand out and are recognized.


With an established brand identity from our corporate identity design services, your branding will stick out from your competitors and create a legacy for your company.

Create Desire

Through emotion- and thought-provoking images and graphics, Split Reef gives your company the tools to create desire for your products and services through excellent brand identity design services.

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