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Short for user interface and user experience, UI/UX design services are an important part of a website’s structure. Overall, the structure and usability of your website or web application is determined by the services provided by a UI/UX design company in Columbus, OH like Split Reef.

UX/UI Design Company

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What is UI/UX?

User experience encapsulates usability and ease of use while incorporating pleasing interactions. On the other hand, user interface is the look and feel of the product while customers use it. Together, these two design aspects pull together web and mobile application design as well as responsive website design. The way your product looks is just as important as the way it feels when customers use it.

Features of UI/UX

UI and UX work hand-in-hand to deliver a unique experience to users when they interact with a product on the internet. It’s an important part of company identity and marketing that turns visitors into customers when they visit a site or use an application. Split Reef’s Columbus UI/UX design services encompass four key features of UI/UX design to deliver a fantastic product to our clients.


Your UI/UX design is a part of your brand. UI/UX design companies create a product for you, customized and created to fit the identity of your organization. Pairing Split Reef’s UI/UX design services with branding identity services is an easy way to create a cohesive brand across all channels.

Colors & Typography

UI/UX design services combine two important parts of web design: colors and typography. Having outdated fonts and obnoxious colors will turn users away from your website in two seconds. Elegant colors and elevated typefaces will keep customers and clients on your site.

Graphic Design

Just like the fancy layout and good pictures, your UI/UX design services have to make sense in the graphic design world. Finding a good web design company isn’t easy, however. But Split Reef has the graphic design services perfect for your company, so your search can end here.

Layout & Visual Hierarchy

Put the most important products and content at the top of your site. Whatever is the most crucial for your customers to interact with, it needs to be clear and on top of everything else. How else would they know more about your company or buy your products if the good stuff is buried at the bottom of the page?

You’re too damn good to not look and feel great.

We can’t reiterate enough times the crucial importance of this integral piece to your product build. We design with confidence that your end user will find your product sleek, engaging, and beautiful.

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Our UI/UX Design Services

As a top-rated UI/UX design company in Ohio, Split Reef employs the leading-edge UI/UX design tactics to deliver beautiful and high-functioning products to our clients. From implementing visual graphics and using user interface and experience design methods, Split Reef stays ahead of the curve in UI/UX design services.

UX/UI Design Services

Mobile UX

Mobile users engage with their devices in short bursts throughout the day for weather updates, social media interactions, photo editing and more. Your mobile application’s UX design should be created and supported by an experienced UX design company to engage with audiences effectively.

ux design company


No one will buy items or process their orders if your checkout process is messy, confusing, and frustrating. Designing a slick and easy to use ecommerce with UI/UX design services means your customers have a better time interacting with your products and buying them too.

Website ux design company

Website UX

Your website is a digital extension of your company’s brand. UI/UX design services are available from Split Reef to make your digital presence a magnet for attracting customers to your site, and thus, your services and products.

ui ux design company


Apple Watches, smart watches, high-tech medical devices, and virtual reality devices are becoming more and more popular and useable. But the user experience of these wearable technology devices is just as important as the idea’s novelty.

Web Apps ui ux design company

Web Apps

No more glitches or random and unpredictable gestures from your web app. With Split Reef’s UI/UX design services for progressive web apps, your product performs seamlessly and without problems.

Tablet ux design company

Tablet UX

Tablets are now powerful enough to replace laptop computers in the modern professional’s life. A tablet application’s user experience is imperative to a customer’s decision to switch to tablets and use applications in lieu of a laptop or desktop computer.

What our Columbus UI/UX Design Company Do?

User Interface Design

We make your product move well and look well. Whether you need a responsive web application or want a new mobile app to boost your company’s digital footprint, we provide the services to make it happen.

User Experience Design

User experience design sits at the intersection of content, prototyping, implementation and design. We live at that point as a UX design company to offer trend-setting and industry-leading UX design services to our clients.

User Interactive Design

Often abbreviated as IxD, user interactive design is just another facet of UI/UX design services from Split Reef. The interactions that your users have with your digital product must reflect the sincerity and originality of your UI/UX design, and it’s possible with services from an experienced UX design company like Split Reef.


From your ideas, we develop sketches, wireframes, and deliver a prototype to you so you can see our process from start to finish. Think of it as a simulation or an example of how your final digital product will look and feel, while also gauging its end performance.

What tools Our Columbus UI UX designer use?

Tools Used by our UI/UX Design Company




Adobe XD

Adobe Photoshop



Adobe XD



Graphic Design

Adobe Illustration

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe InDesign




Adobe Cloud

UI/UX Experts

Hiring UI UX Design Company in Columbus for Your Project

Do you have a project that requires the help of a UX designer? There are three ways you can go about it. Finding the right partner with your UI/UX project is imperative to your budget and to the overall result of the project.


Hiring a part-time UX designer or bringing on a UI/UX design company part-time could help with managing tasks and projects that might fall by the wayside. But if an important fix or tweak comes up in the design process and your designer isn’t on the clock, then your project gets delayed until they’re back on your project.


If you have a fully dedicated UI/UX design team, then your project will be finished quickly, and all future projects will have a team focused on completing tasks. But if your company doesn’t need a full-time staff, then partnering with a UI/UX design company like Split Reef will help keep costs low while still completing projects.


Depending on the rate of freelance or part-time design expert, this could be a viable option when you search for someone to complete your project. Be wary of the amount of time it takes to complete preliminary tasks — you wouldn’t want to get stuck with an inflated invoice for quick tasks.

Research & Analysis

Before Split Reef gets started on your UX design process, we delve into research to come up with the latest industry trends for your company, and what your competitors are doing as well. The most important analysis comes from the market and what your target consumers are looking for in a final digital product.

Interface Architecture

In the UX design process is a preliminary step before presenting a wireframe. This is a blueprint of the design structure and sitemap of the web or mobile app and informs how each page or panel will connect to another.


A wireframe is like a sketch or a simple design of the layout of your product. Before diving into the nitty gritty design, a UX design company presents the general look and feel of your web, mobile or tablet app so you get the idea of what your final result will be.


Between wireframes and editing, our UI/UX design services, Split Reef delivers a working prototype of what your final product will be.


Our ears are open. We listen to your suggestions and requests for edits to fine tune your digital product to your exact specifications. Your final product from Split Reef will be exactly how you want it to look and feel.

Our Best UX/UI Design Projects

Check out our UI/UX design projects completed for our clients and see how we can create intuitive and beautiful UI/UX designs.

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