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Are you tired of struggling with outdated .NET applications that don't fit your business needs? Are you looking for a reliable partner who can bring innovative solutions to your company's forefront? Look no further than Split Reef, top Columbus .NET application development company! Our team of experts is committed to delivering customized solutions that help you modernize your systems, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. We understand the challenges that come with legacy systems and we're here to help make the transition seamless for you.
ASP.NET development is an application framework used to create dynamic web pages on dynamic websites. This open-source web framework is written in .NET languages by Microsoft developers. A dot net development company can build an app through Linux, macOS, and Microsoft Windows operating systems.


5 Pros of .NET Application
Development Services

There are many benefits to working with an ASP.NET application development company for your project, but first let’s address the pros of the open-source web framework.

Since ASP.NET is a server-side technology, you need a dot net application development company to bring your application to life. Choose Split Reef as your custom ASP.NET development company to lead your innovative app development.


You Can Use .NET Languages

Instead of being limited to script languages, an ASP.NET application makes it easy to use .NET languages like CB, J#, or C#. An ASP.NET development company can use these languages to build dynamic websites and web applications.


Take Advantage of Visual Studio

Visual Studio is a tool offered by Microsoft that enhances developers’ abilities to create beautiful and efficient web applications. Since it uses .NET languages, any Microsoft server can host your company’s ASP.NET application.


Save Time With .NET Application Development Services

You can build larger applications with less coding with .NET application development. Even when you choose a custom ASP.NET development company, your coding will be shorter and more efficient.


Enhance Your Reach

Using an ASP.NET development company for .NET app services will allow you to build a website or application that can be used across different languages. reality.


Enjoy the Security and Dependability of Windows

The top priority for any app development besides user experience is security. Give your clients peace of mind by building your .NET application development services with Windows authentication.

Expertise In Different .NET Technologies

Our team of .NET application development is highly skilled in different technologies. We are a leading .NET application development company that prides itself on providing quality services to our clients. Our team consists of experienced developers who have vast knowledge and expertise in various programming languages such as C#, VB.NET, and ASP.NET.
We understand the importance of staying updated with the latest technologies to develop robust applications that meet our clients' needs. That's why we continuously update our skills and knowledge to ensure that we deliver cutting-edge solutions that are both efficient and effective. Our developers stay informed about the latest developments in technology so they can help you select the best platform for your project.

Microsoft ASP.NET

As an experienced .NET development company, we at Split Reef have extensive knowledge of Microsoft ASP.NET. Our team of experts leverages this technology to deliver customized web solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients.

Microsoft ASP.NET MVP

For businesses looking to develop robust and scalable web applications with the .NET framework, partnering with a Microsoft ASP.NET MVP-affiliated development company can provide a significant advantage.

Microsoft Net WPF

As a .NET development company, we understand the importance of building software that delivers exceptional performance, scalability, and reliability. With our expertise in WPF development services, we can help you build high-quality applications that meet your business needs while providing an intuitive and interactive interface for end-users.

Microsoft Net WCF

As a leading .NET development company, we understand the importance of leveraging cutting-edge technologies like WCF to create innovative solutions that meet our clients' specific needs. In this article, we'll explore the benefits and capabilities of Microsoft Net WCF, along with some examples of how it can be used in real-world scenarios.

Microsoft Net MVVM

Our team of experienced developers specializes in building high-quality applications using Microsoft Net MVVM architecture, ensuring that our clients receive reliable and efficient software solutions that meet their specific business needs.

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is one of the most widely used collaboration platforms in the world. It provides businesses with a secure and efficient way to manage documents, share information, and collaborate on projects. However, making the most out of SharePoint can be challenging without proper expertise.

We provide custom .NET application development services

Make the Most of Your .NET Application Development Services

Choose a custom ASP.NET development company to ensure you get the catered .NET application development services you are looking for. No matter what industry or what your clients needs entail, selecting the right ASP.NET application development company is crucial to the success of your app.

Split Reef is an experienced dot net application development company. Our highly knowledgeable programmers have the skills and direction to build you a custom application that suits your needs. Don’t jeopardize the quality, security, and user experience of your .NET application by choosing just anyone. Reach out to Split Reef today to learn more about our innovative services.

ASP.Net Web Application Development

We’ve handled several projects developing web applications. Our developers have worked with a range of industries to maximize their skills and challenge themselves to be more innovative. We can help you make an impact in your market, whatever that market may be.

ASP.Net MVC Development

Many businesses want to improve their digital abilities and increase the scale of their design and development. Split Reef can help with those goals. Our mission is to give clients the applications they need to build their businesses. You need to step up your online brand to grow, and we know how to do just that.

ASP.Net eCommerce Development

eCommerce is a budding sector, and there’s no reason you should have old technology driving your eCommerce. Using ASP.Net, we can help you improve your eCommerce operations. With new architecture, you can add additional features that bring your website up to date.

ASP.Net Migration

If your migration path is dated, fear not; we can help you with updates. Our ASP.Net migration services can help you compete with your competitors and even pull ahead of them. Don’t fall behind. Get ahead while you have the chance.

ASP.Net Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are some of the most prominent applications currently being made. As mobile use continues to thrive, mobile solutions can set businesses and brands apart. Developing applications to fit Windows, iOS, and Android devices is well within our capabilities. Our team can help create applications that function as they should on mobile devices.

ASP.Net CMS Solution

We can create a strong base so that your website can be faster and have increased freedoms. In the long run, these solutions are more cost-effective and save a lot of time. These solutions allow you to continue to compete in the market.

ASP.Net Integration Services

Reports and data analysis are valuable tools we can use to determine the efficiency of a business. Integration services can help you maximize your use of this information. Thus, you can be empowered to make wiser decisions and understand what’s happening with your systems.

ASP.Net legacy Application

You may have applications that are not on a .Net application. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean your solution is useless. We can help move that application and adapt it to be a .Net application.

ASP.Net Migration to the Cloud

We can migrate even complicated applications to the cloud. What this means is that we can transfer your existing applications. This type of movement allows for more freedom and scalability.

ASP.Net Database solution

Split Reef developers want to promote error-free migration of data. We promote efficiency and security in our work. Furthermore, we double-check our work to make sure nothing is left to chance.

Cha-ching, cha-ching.

Split Reef is a .NET development company that offers experienced .NET application development services.

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Reasons to Choose Split Reef as .NET Application Development Company

If you're looking to develop a custom application, there are many reasons why you should choose a .NET application development company. Here are 10 of the most compelling reasons:


.NET application development companies have specialized knowledge and expertise in the Microsoft .NET framework, allowing them to build custom applications that are robust, scalable, and secure.


.NET application development companies can work with you to develop a custom solution that meets your specific business needs, whether you require a desktop, web, or mobile application.


With .NET application development, you can create a unique application that is tailored to your business requirements and user needs, delivering a truly customized solution.


.NET application development companies can integrate your application with existing systems, including third-party applications, databases, and APIs, allowing for seamless data exchange and improved productivity.


.NET application development companies provide ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring that your application remains up-to-date and secure.


.NET application development companies can provide cost-effective solutions that are tailored to your budget, helping you to save money while still achieving your business goals.


.NET application development companies can develop applications quickly and efficiently, reducing development time and getting your application to market faster.

Quality assurance

.NET application development companies have robust quality assurance processes in place, ensuring that your application is thoroughly tested and meets all requirements.


.NET application development companies can build applications that are easily scalable, allowing you to add new features and functionality as your business grows.

Competitive advantage

With a custom .NET application developed by an experienced development company, you can gain a competitive advantage by delivering a unique solution that addresses your specific business needs.

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Our .Net Development Process


We offer the vital service of consulting with our clients and determining what they require and what steps we can take to give them what they need. Clients can present to us their ideas, and we can decide what we can accomplish with the available resources.


Design is the part of the process that requires us to plan how we will find solutions and address the requirements for the application. The design process includes prototyping and client input.


A big chunk of our work is the actual development of the application. This is when we bring the project to life and start testing it and getting it ready for the client.


We complete the finished product, check it for any issues, and turn it over to our clients during this stage. We make sure that everything is as it should be so that the clients don’t have to worry about anything.


Part of our work is ensuring that things continue to run smoothly. We can help clients maintain their applications after the rest of the development process has been completed, and we can troubleshoot any issues.

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Technology Stack

So much goes into creating a website, and many people don’t realize how many programs you can use to make just one website. That’s okay because, at Split Reef, we have a deep understanding and profound appreciation for what’s needed to create stunning websites and applications. Development is complex, and it relies on learning how to work with each of the components required, which takes time, experience, and innovation. These are the qualities we continue to develop in our developers so that they can provide the best outcomes.

A tech stack is the combination of all the tech that goes into creating a website or application, including both the back end and the front end. The front-end components include elements that users interact with and visuals. Thus, these elements have to be easy to view and use. Fundamentally, these components are “how it looks.” Generally, front-end elements use HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Back-end components include applications, databases, and services. These parts are “how it works.” The back-end will include programming languages, a framework, a server, and a database. The full technology stack includes all these elements, and they can stack up quite a bit.

Compatible Programming


The CB programming language is compiled to Java bytecode to be interpreted quickly and efficiently. It uses a syntax similar to C++.


The J# programming language is another transitional language. It is used by programmers who are familiar with Java and Visual J++ who want to use their skills to implement .NET application development services. This language also works with Java bytecode.


The C# programming language uses a wider variety of programming rules than CB and J#. A dot net development company would be likely to use this language because it was created by Microsoft and aligns well with other .NET programming abilities. It’s an open-source project and was developed for the CLI.

ASP.NET development services

Experience Matters With an ASP.NET Application Development Company

It takes time and experience to learn the ins and outs of .NET application development. That’s why you need to put your trust in an experienced developing and programming team of .NET development company in USA. Choose the .NET app development professionals at Split Reef because:

Our .NET application development experts have years of experience

We stand behind our innovative .NET development services

We offer a unique and custom approach


Are ASP.NET websites mobile-friendly?

ASP.NET websites are an excellent option for people who want mobile-friendly websites. It often takes an extensive amount of coding to create mobile-friendly websites. However, developers can use ASP.NET to write less code and get comparable results. ADP.NET web development services are highly beneficial in building responsive websites.

Can I hire developers for ASP.NET?

Yes, our company offers developers with expertise in ASP.NET. These developers can help you produce a quality ASP.NET website that will surpass your standards. Split Reef recognizes the value of ASP.NET application development services, and we use that value to our advantage when making dynamic websites.

Why should I choose ASP.NET for my development service?

Many elements make ASP.NET development services desirable and mark it as an adaptable program. ASP.NET includes the following perks:

  • Speed allows efficient performance
  • The framework is open source
  • Runs across platforms
  • Integrates modern framework
  • Connects with other apps
  • It is a robust and reliable framework
  • Very easy to maintain
  • AnimalIs inherently secure and scalable

What is a .NET Framework, and how is it used?

.NET is a framework for developers that uses programming languages, libraries, and tools to help developers create applications. It can work across platforms, which makes it desirable for many developers.

How much does an ASP.NET application cost?

The ASP.NET application is a free framework. It is open-source, which means that people can modify and share this program through the readily available source code.

How do you find an ASP.NET development company?

A simple search for “ASP.NET development company” can give you many results, which can easily get overwhelming. The good news is you’ve already found an ASP.NET company! We’re an ASP.NET development company, so we may be able to help you with your development needs. The main priority in finding an ASP.NET development company is ensuring that they have experience using this framework.

What does the future hold for the ASAP.NET framework?

The ASAP.NET framework is still relevant as it allows a more accessible approach to creating dynamic web pages. Continued updates are expected to keep the framework running smoothly so that developers can continue to create amazing results using this framework.

What’s the difference between ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core?

ASP.NET is not all that different than ASP.NET Core. ASP.NET Core is actually a newer framework than ASP.NET that was released by Windows as a more scalable and secure program. It is still a free, open-source program. ASP.NET Core is commonly just called .NET now despite being released as .NET Core.

Why Choose Split Reef As Your .NET Web Development Company

Split Reef offers years of experience as a prominent .NET application development company, and our Asp.NET web development services set us apart from other companies because we use the framework as well as possible. What we can accomplish with .NET development is far-reaching because we not only have the expertise, but we have a passion for creating end products that create new beginners for customers.

we strive to make your vision a reality and give you guidance if you’re not sure what you want. With a consultation, we can talk through your options and determine if .NET web development is a good fit for your needs.


A responsive website design that works across devices and platforms


Attractive applications that allow your website to run more smoothly


Solutions that appeal to your potential customer base and allow your website to function like a well-oiled machine


Flexible options and fast development turnaround time


Attentive service and open communication throughout the duration of the project


Experts who keep up with new trends and changing standards in the field


Organized approaches to web development so that the quality of our joint goals are never lost in the process

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