IoT App Development Company

IoT App Development Company

You may not realize it, but the whole world is already connected through technological devices. It’s not just smartphones and computers, but it’s also cars, speaker systems, thermostats, smart homes, camera systems and more. Split Reef thrives in the interconnected technology that brings all of our devices together and we offer IoT application development services for companies that want to join is in the Internet of Things.


What is Iot?

The Internet of Things

IoT is the system of interrelated devices and computers that transfer data from one another. Much like the actual internet that connects us around the world, the Internet of Things is a network of devices that communicate with one another to make our lives and jobs easier. For example, many people have installed smart thermostats in their home to monitor and adjust temperature controls through their mobile devices while away. Split Reef is an IoT development company that helps business connect with their users through the convenience of the Internet of Things.

Key Features


It’s another type of internet, so of course connectivity is one of the key features of custom IoT development services. With a product that lives in the Internet of Things, your customers will connect to your business through your product and become loyal users.


Sensor-based technology is a critical component of IoT application development services. Through sensors, we can track medical metrics in humans, the temperature and humidity of environments, movement and lighting in houses and businesses, and much more. Then, we can access that information through our smartphones and tablet devices even when we’re not there.


An IoT application inherently promotes engagement among users. When you want data transferred quickly from a laptop to a phone, a product created through Split Reef’s IoT app development services will get it done. Your users will continually use your IoT application and stay engaged with the information they need.

of IoT

Sometimes, a simple mobile application just won’t cut it. Having a product or service developed through our IoT application development services will boost your company’s success and bring a new layer of growth to your business. For those with a product that already has internet connectivity capabilities, bringing it to the Internet of Things will leverage its purpose for a new kind of technological advantage.


Improved Engagement

Customer experience is improved through IoT app development services. With customer data analytics sent straight to your company, you can fine tune your strategies and product to better serve your customers, thus bring them back to you in the future.


Technology Optimization

When you partner with an IoT app development company like Split Reef, you’re already on the right track for optimizing your technology. Your technology product — whether it’s as simple as a toothbrush or as big as a car — will be made most effective and provide a valuable resource to your company through our custom IoT app development.


Reduced Waste

Optimized technology means better data analytics, which leads to economic and ecological business decisions. This ultimately means that companies create less waste in automated systems and produce product based on real-time demand, without producing waste.


Enhanced Data Collection

Real-time data is sent straight to your business with IoT app development services. Customer habits, usage, and revenue tracking is all collected and compiled into reports set forth by your business. It’s easy to see where your custom IoT app is successful, and where your business tactics need improvement with enhanced data collection.

Live in the intersection of technological devices.

In the Internet of Things, you and your product can thrive. Connect with your customers and users where they need it most: on all of their devices.

Standard IoT Devices

Although almost anything can be involved in the Internet of Things, there are three mainstays of the entire network that hold up the fabric of the system. These standard devices are at the core of IoT application development services.


An integrated network system of computers is what helps companies grow. A business computer network is already its own form of Internet of Things.


Tablets are becoming the new, lightweight laptop. When you need to be a helpful hand for companies with employees on-the-go, connect your product to their tablet with a custom IoT application that makes their jobs, and their lives, easier.


This is where your customers live: in their phones. Connecting your product to the Internet of Things through custom IoT app development services with Split Reef means your organization is living where your customers spend the most face time.

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