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No matter where your roofing company is located or the specific services that you offer to your customers, having a website that shares your story, your brand, and your services with customers is important. At Split Reef, we are a roofing web design agency that is focused on providing you with modern, responsive web design across the board. As a trusted and top rated website builder for roofing companies, our team is ready and waiting to help create a stunning website that connects you with your customers.


Top Rated Roofing Web Design Agency

When it comes to designing or redesigning your roofing company’s website, working with a roofing web design company like Split Reef puts the power right into your hands. Our experienced team of technical experts work to take your ideas and bring them to life – from working unique site features that you need to run your business into your website to providing you with content that speaks to your specific audience. With offices based in Columbus, Ohio and Jacksonville, Florida, our roofing web design services are perfectly tailored for roofing companies far and wide.

By partnering with Split Reef, you are guaranteed to have a modern and responsive website design that meets your roofing service needs. Whether you need to build a website from the ground up as you start your own roofing business or you want to rework an existing business site that could use some modern updates, Split Reef is ready to put our years of expertise to work for you. We create unique roofing company websites by taking your information and your business and applying a personalized approach to the web design process.

What Can We Do for You?

As a website builder for roofing companies, we handle the entire website design process from start to finish. We work within your budget and keep your needs at the forefront of the process. Our web design process is streamlined, allowing us to build your roofing business website in a timely manner. Below, you will see a brief look at some major parts of our design process.

Getting to Know Project Requirements

Before getting started on anything, we need to understand what your website needs. Together, we will go over the ideas and requirements you have for your website and determine strategies that will allow us to put together a comprehensive overview of the project.

Design Samples and Content Building

Part of our roofing web design services process includes providing a number of different samples for you to consider. We will never make final design choices for you on your website. It will be up to you to look over the selections we provide to choose what stands out most to you.

Content building will follow design samples. We will begin working on fleshing out our design ideas and we will provide you with drafts of our team’s work, so you are kept in the loop on what is being done.

Testing and Development

Once you have approved what we have been working on, we can start the development of the website. This leads to testing to ensure that the site is working properly, such as your videos loading correctly, your site’s text appears as it should, and that the back end is fully functional.


Two stages of revision allow you the opportunity to address any concerns, issues, or questions you have with the roofing website design we have been working on. You will be able to determine additional revisions you would like made before the finalization of the project, if needed.

Website Launch

Just as you are familiar with wrapping up a project for your customers, be that through a roof repair or a roof installation, the final step for the website design process is completion. Once we have finished, your website will be live. You will then be able to focus on your business knowing that you have a functioning, well-designed website that will reach your audience.

Our Impressive Roofing Website Designs Portfolio

Our impressive collection of roofing website designs showcases our skills and expertise in creating visually appealing and highly functional websites for roofing companies.

J.F. Baker's Sons Roofing Company

Designing a website for a roofing company in Columbus, Ohio, such as J.F. Baker's Sons Roofing Company, presented an exceptional opportunity. When creating a roofing website, it is crucial to consider the following elements:

  • Impeccable and Professional Design
  • Intuitive and Clear Navigation
  • Displaying Previous Projects
  • Concise Service Descriptions
  • Testimonials and Reviews
  • Contact Information and Call-to-Action
  • Mobile Responsiveness

We collaborated closely with J.F. Baker's Sons Roofing Company to grasp their specific needs and objectives for the website. Through a well-crafted and enlightening website, the company can adeptly exhibit their services and allure new clients in Central Ohio.

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A Trusted Roofing Web Design Agency

Roofing Web Design Services that Connect with Your Customers

Your potential customers are visiting your website with one thing in mind: finding a roofing company that can help them address their needs. To keep customers from leaving your site for a competitor’s site, it is important to have a well-designed and working website. Our roofing web design services will help ensure that your customers find a fully optimized user experience your site.

High Quality Roofing Requires
High Quality Website Design

You are running a business that provides your customers with quality roofing services. It only makes sense that you have an attractive and user friendly website so you can easily share your work and connect directly with customers – no matter the type of device they are on. Our sites are cleanly designed, feature quick loading times, and are fully search engine optimized to ensure your customers are finding you, your business, and your brand.

Seamless Functionality Across All Devices

The Benefits of Working with a Website Builder for Your Roofing Company

When it comes to growing your roofing business, having a website that helps you stand out from the crowd is critical. A website that tells your story and allows you to connect with your customers is invaluable – which is where Split Reef comes in. Our roofing web design services deliver a host of important benefits to you when you sign on to work with our roofing web design agency.


Connecting with the Right Team

When looking for a roofing web design company to work with, finding a capable team to work on your site is always a priority. Here at Split Reef, our team of technical experts, computer programmers, and digital marketers bring years of experience to the table. We keep on top of the rapid changes within the web design industry as well, always bringing the latest strategies and tools to the table.


Responsive Web Design

Responsive website design is the go-to choice for websites of the modern era. Site visitors will be provided with an accessible and optimized user experience that is perfectly functional across all devices. Whether they are searching on their phone, tablet, or desktop, your website will be totally versatile across every device.


Increase Site Viewers

You run a business; therefore, it is important that you connect with current and new customers alike. Organic search traffic remains a dominant force in how people are finding their way to new websites, with one 2019 study finding that organic search traffic across industries had increased by 53.3%. Your website will help increase your visibility to customers who are looking for your exact services.


Optimized Videos and Images

There is no better way to display the work that you and your team do than through optimized videos and images. Imagery is an important way to display what you can do for your customers, from showcasing the roofing materials you work with to the final roof installations you have done. Skip the blurry images and share your roofing work with clear, stunning imagery.


Showcase Your Brand

Your roofing business’ website is a massive part of your online identity. A well-thought out and designed website will showcase your brand perfectly, helping you connect with customers and serve to convert site visitors. From the small details such as brand colors to detailing the services you provide,


Improved and Unique SEO

Search engine optimization is all about making sure that you, your business, and your website make it into the search results of potential customers. SEO makes your website more visible to the people you want to see it. We will use SEO to ensure that you are reaching your audience – through features like local, technical, and on-page SEO.

Why Work with Split Reef as
Your Roofing Web Design Agency

Split Reef is a roofing web design company that is fully committed to delivering a final website that meets all of your needs. With a team of technical experts behind our work, we will create a modern roofing web design for you using our years of experience and cutting-edge technology. Split Reef takes an innovative approach to each design that we work on, offering our clients a collaborative design process, open communication, and expert knowledge across the board when it comes to our roofing web design services.

We are here to take your budget and needs into careful consideration as we get started on crafting a creative and fresh website for commercial and residential roofing companies alike.

Split Reef’s Work as a Website Builder for Roofing Companies

As a trusted roofing web design company with offices based in both Columbus, Ohio and Jacksonville, Florida, we have a strong portfolio of work to back up our team’s expertise. We provide a full suite of digital marketing and web design services to clients just like you across all industries – from small businesses to law firms to roofing companies. Take a close look through our portfolio to see our past work and feel free to connect with our team with your ideas so we can get started on your website design together.

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