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Technology continues to push new developments in how people interact with the internet, so we have to continue to stay up to date with emerging practices in the field. Voice search has become one of the most convenient methods when people want to find something. Voice assistants are everywhere now, and they continue to grow in prominence and effectiveness. As a result, it’s more important than ever before to incorporate devices that use voice search in your SEO services.


Increase Website Traffic and Revenue With Voice Search Optimization

If you need SEO services, one of your most prominent business goals is to increase your website traffic and revenue, and one way you can do this is by using voice search optimization, which is making sure that when people use a voice search, your business comes up and is high in the rankings of the voice search engine. Excelling at traditional searches is no longer good enough, and you’ve got to push your strategy to reflect that. Our SEO agency knows how important this area of expertise is, and we want to help you incorporate a blend of fresh and tried and true techniques to get the best results.

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What is Voice Search Optimization?

You may be wondering what separates voice search optimization from other SEO techniques. Well, traditionally, searches have been done by typing questions into the search engine’s search box; however, voice assistants have transformed this traditional equation, and they allow people to verbally ask questions. With smartphones and digital assistants, asking questions verbally gives users more flexibility and convenience. While voice search has similar basic tenets to other SEO techniques, it does have some unique considerations that we use when creating a plan of action and enacting that plan.

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How Important is Voice Search for SEO?

Technology predictions suggest that voice searches are only going to become more prominent, and devices that enable people to make these searches will become smarter and more effective. Thus, optimizing for voice search SEO now is one of the best ways to future-proof your business. If you aren’t using voice search SEO, you may already be falling behind!

How Do We Optimize Your Business For Voice Search?

There are a number of tools that Split Reef can help your business optimize for voice search and get your name out there. Some of these may sound familiar if you know our general SEO toolbox, but the way we use these tools is customized to voice search optimization. Think of it this way: a hammer can build hundreds of things, but you use it differently for each thing you build. Our experts understand the dynamic nature of our tools and how we have to custom-fit them to each project.


Keyword Research

For any SEO strategy, keyword research helps us know the language people use when they are looking for results. Keywords used in written versus verbal language may be similar for comparable searches, but there are slight differences. Think of how you tell a story to a friend over text versus email; you’ll probably notice that the words you use and how you use them are slightly different. Accordingly, we consider the differences in written and verbal users when doing keyword research for voice optimization.


Content Creation

We help you create the content you need to optimize your brand. Split Reef ensures that you have content that is readable and appeals to your audience.


On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization is the process of making pages more fit for voice searches. We do this by optimizing things like headings and images. This can be accomplished with keywords, FAQs, and several other techniques to boost your pages and make sure they show up when people use certain keywords.


Featured Snippet

Unfortunately, featured snippets are often stolen, which means that to stay relevant and optimized, you have to make sure you keep up with revitalizing your featured snippet. Split Reef helps you stay current, and we pay attention to the details like the featured snippet, making sure that all your progress can be maintained.


Optimize Your Business Listings

Your business listings need to be optimized so that search engines can find and present important information about your business, like name, address, hours, and phone number. If you want voice searches to help you, you need to prioritize getting the details right using voice SEO.


Page Loading Speeds

While we’ve all experienced the funny miscommunications that can happen with a voice search, the ultimate goal of this kind of search is to give people faster results. Therefore, your loading speed greatly influences your voice search optimization, and Split Reef makes sure your loading speeds are up to the task through our voice search SEO services.


Optimizing Your Webpages with FAQ

FAQ is a great tool you can use to improve your pages. Many of the questions people ask are specific questions about your business. Thus, Split Reef makes sure that we incorporate those frequently asked questions into your web pages so that voice search engines can give people the information they are looking for.

Why Choose Split Reef?

If you’re looking for Columbus voice search optimization, we can offer you an efficient approach and a dedicated team, who has the expertise to give you tangible results, and we can show you these results as you work with us to boost your business in voice search rankings. Don’t just choose any search optimization agency; choose one that has the expertise and attention to detail to get the job done right.

Why Does Voice Search SEO Matter to Your Business?

Voice search optimization gives you a number of advantages that your competitors won’t have.

Voice Search SEO Improves Online Visibility

The more you can get your name out there in the online sphere, the better. The world is increasingly focused on connection through the internet, which means that you need to amplify your online presence.

Voice Search SEO Increases Website Traffic

When you add voice search optimization, you appeal to more people who are looking for businesses like yours, so you will get more traffic, which helps your business in a number of ways.

Voice Search SEO Boosts Conversion Rates

Not only will more people come to your website, but when you use voice search optimization, you will convert more customers. In SEO, people trust the first results their search engines give them, so it’s important to push yourself toward to top, and you can’t do that without voice search SEO.

Voice Search SEO Drives Revenue

As you boost conversions and show people the quality of your brand, you will have a better income stream, and you can continue to invest in your brand.

Voice Search SEO Improves Brand Awareness

The top companies share brand awareness. When people know about brands, they are more likely to trust them. Think of the brands that first come to mind when you think about a hamburger. Chances are that we all have the same similar answers. Brand awareness can take you to a whole new level of success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Voice search is emerging as a prominent way people engage with the internet, and you never want to forget about potential customers.

Yes, because people engage with voice searches and written searches differently, we have to adjust our strategy when we are optimizing for voice searches and prioritize certain elements.

Of course! Split Reef can ensure that you don’t lose your search engine status when we are helping you with voice SEO. The two components can and should live in harmony.

It is. As with other SEO techniques, voice SEO is cost-effective because it promotes ongoing growth in your business and allows you to invest resources in making your company better.
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