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Traditional application development for businesses like you tends to go one of two ways. You either buy an application that is already ready-made from a third party who specializes in creating pre-fab applications or you connect with a digital marketing and web development company like Split Reef that can work to customize and build you a unique application. But there is a third option that is growing more and more popular – low-code no-code development. This type of application development leverages a variety of intuitive interfaces that allow users like our team to build out applications in a timely and automated manner. Think of it as a drag-and-drop method – our development process is sped up and we do not have to write every single piece of code line by line.


The Low-Code App Development Benefits

Low-code app development is essentially a method that our team of technical experts can employ to develop and design applications outside of the traditional technical coding environment. Traditional coding requires a great deal of technical expertise, particularly when it comes to writing the actual code that serves as the foundation for all manner of applications. Low-code web app and API development is a much more automated process, allowing for drag-and-drop functionality.

Low-code app development comes with a host of benefits, both for us as developers who are working on your application and for you and your users. Some of the most note-worthy benefits include:

Quicker development time

When it comes to the big details like your budget, what you need out of your application, and how quickly you need it, low-code web app development is a speedy solution. Developers and users can much more quickly and easily develop applications through low-code development thanks to the visual software environments that are used. In fact, a 2016 report from Forrester found that of the dozens of companies they interviewed, those using low-code platforms saw their development accelerate by five to 10 times.

Lower costs

With a quicker development time comes a reduction in overall cost for API, web, and mobile application development. And even when the development process is done, you can expect to see lower maintenance costs as well due to the simplified nature of low-code no-code development. With a less complex development process, the cost runs lower, freeing up your budget somewhat.

Trial new ideas quickly

Sometimes you may want to look into launching a new app in as timely a manner as possible – whether to test it out or to meet a new demand from your customers. New product and service ideas can come at any time, and low-code app development is a perfect answer. We can take your new ideas and get them turned into a functioning app quickly.

Automation is increased

Users and developers enjoy a much more automated development and post-development process. Low-code no-code platforms make use of workflows that can be automated, through various tools like machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). Paired with features like automatic code generation and drag-and-drop functionality, several different tasks can be automated.

The Low-code Web App Development We Deliver


Putting the Power of Your Business in Your Hands

We help businesses like you to fully realize the power of your applications. Certain platforms that we use offer predefined low-code API development that allows us to integrate pre-existing features and streamline the application-building process.


Provide a dynamic UX experience.

Users will find a seamless and appealing mobile or web experience – no matter the industry your application is centered on.


A powerful and modern application.

The tools and platforms used in low-code no-code development help us create powerful, striking applications for your users.


Determine the best approach for your needs.

Split Reef is ready to help you determine the best approach to your application: low-code, which serves as an excellent in-between option that allows for manual coding or no-code, a visual-based approach with drag-and-drop functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can build an app without coding through low-code no-code development services. These two approaches provide both experienced developers and users with little to no coding experience a more streamlined method of creating applications.

Low-code application development is a great in-between option for developers to use. It makes use of the visual-based environments that we find in no-code development, including drag-and-drop functionality. But low-code app development also affords developers the ability to manually enter code if they wish to.

We can create a range of applications with low-code development, from apps that center around unique customer experiences to file management apps.

The biggest difference you will find with low-code and no-code application development is the amount of coding knowledge needed. For no-code application development, a user needs absolutely no coding knowledge. You will not need to know how to write code or program.

For low-code application development, some amount of coding and technical knowledge will be needed. Here at Split Reef, our technical team brings all of the expertise to the table when it comes to our low-code and no-code development services.

In a 2019 survey by Gartner, they estimated that low-code application development would be responsible for more than 65% of application development activity by 2024. And with the number of different low-code development tools available to developers, that estimation is not surprising.

With that in mind, some of the best low-code development tools that we can utilize in our work include:
  • Microsoft PowerApps
  • Appian
  • Mendix
  • Zoho Creator
  • OutSystems
Low-code app development has shaken up application development in a number of ways, allowing us to provide you with cutting edge apps to meet demand sooner. We will choose the most appropriate tools for your application based on your needs.

There are a number of low-code development platforms that are some of the go-tos for developers currently. According to G2, a large and trusted software marketplace, some of the top platforms being used for low-code development include:
  • Salesforce Platform: A leading low-code development platform that offers teams features like data, automation, and a Customer 360 vision.
  • ServiceNow App Engine: A development tool for developers of all skill levels who want to build out consumer grade applications. It offers intelligent experiences at quick speed for both skilled and citizen developers.
  • Airtable: This platform provides teams with the ability to easily create applications on top of their shared data and crucial workflows. Developers can define relationships between items and create unique views for their varied types of work.

Custom Low-Code No-Code Development Services for You and Your Business

With Split Reef, you get exactly what you need from our team of technical experts. As a full-service, one-stop shop for all of your mobile and web application development needs, we are proud to provide you with top-rated services that help support your business efforts seamlessly.


Offering Top Rated Services

Low-code API development is a service that we are proud to offer among our full suite of digital development and marketing services. Low-code app development offers a range of benefits, from a quick and efficient development process to providing effective security to you and your users. With our expertise in low-code no-code development services and the wider digital development landscape, we are here to support your business and application from start to finish in the app development process. Here at Split Reef, you will have the full backing of our team as we develop your application – from 24/5 technical support to the expertise from our developers.


Working With Your Budget

Sometimes companies charge very high rates for high quality work when it comes to low-code app development. But here at Split Reef, we aim to work with each of our client’s budgets to bring your application to fruition. We understand that flexibility is key when it comes to running a business, and that is why we help you pick and choose the services that will suit your project best. Our low-code no-code development services will be uniquely tailored to your budget and needs to ensure that you have a fully functional and professionally built application.


Utilizing Leading Industry Tools and Strategies

The team at Split Reef is always on top of the ball when it comes to understanding and utilizing leading industry tools. Technology development is a rapid-fire industry, with changes and brand new tools becoming available all of the time. In our low-code no-code app development services, we are ahead of the curve when it comes to the best tools and platforms to use. We deliver the most up-to-date low-code services to you. There is no need to rely on old and outdated application development methods when you work with Split Reef.

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